One Year Later - DFC News

One Year Later - DFC News

This week marks the one year anniversary of the loss of the town of Greenville and our surrounding communities including Indian Falls and Canyon Dam. Our hope is that this time brings everyone peace, reflection, and hope. Take time to remember the events of the last year in the way that suits you best.

Looking back on all that we have lost, all that we have survived, and all that we have accomplished, there is no doubt that the Dixie Fire Community will continue to rebuild and rise. ❤️

Memories of Plumas

A 3-Day series of events happens this week to commemorate the losses and impact to the community from the 2021 Dixie Fire and the 2020 Bear and Minerva Fires.

From Ken Donnell:

The Memorial Procession of the Dixie Fire up the Feather River Canyon will start at 9 am, Thursday August 4 at the PG&E rest stop at Belden.  It will continue to Keddie (approximately 10:30 am), the to the "Hort Center" (horticultural center)  in Indian Falls, stop for lunch in Greenville, then on to the final commemorative event at Canyon Dam at 2:30 pm.  

The Canyon Dam event will be followed by refreshments at Carol's Prattville Cafe on Almanor's West Shore.  Both the Plumas Sheriff and CHP have been notified, but neither anticipate any problems as all of the events will occur off the roadway.   Carpooling is suggested. There will be traffic control persons at each site to help keep parking ordered and safe.  

Updates for this event on Facebook at "Memories of Plumas planning group" or by texting (530) 566-2561.

Memorial Event and Concert in Greenville

Join the Greenville community on Thursday, August 4th from 6 to 7 pm for music, spoken words, prayer, sadness, pride, and hope to mark the First Anniversary of the town's destruction. At the American Legion property on Main Street in Greenville. Bring a folding chair if needed.

World famous classical guitarist Jack Cimo will be performing at the Greenville Baptist Church starting at 7:30pm Thursday, August 4 (Immediately following the 6-7 pm downtown event).  There will be two 45 minute shows, with refreshments served in between.  No charge for Admission.  First come first seated.  Doors open 1/2 hour before the start time.

Memorial Concert in Quincy

Join us for two wonderful commemorative Music & Arts events at the West End Theater in Quincy on Friday, August 5, and Saturday, August 6.  These events recognize the significant impacts suffered by everyone living in Plumas County during the past 2 years. We are calling on the community to come and participate with words, music, dance, and joy. We are survivors!

The Artistic director for the Friday night event is Lance Barker, and he can be contacted at the Facebook page - "Memories of Plumas, Quincy".  The Saturday night is an "open mic " type of event.  The fabulous Jack Cimo will perform his classical guitar wizardry on both Friday and Saturday nights.  No charge for admission to these events.  It is first come, first seated.  Doors open 1/2 hour before the start time.

Paint the Town Street-Art Fair

From Lara Wheeler:

Come check-out The Spot on Pine Street in Greenville, CA for the inaugural event, "Paint the Town Greenville." At this event, art dabblers, professional artists, and art groups will decorate the sidewalks with colorful, temporary works of art. We will come together to celebrate what the local and extended community and the response organizations have accomplished.

We'll celebrate being ONE YEAR STRONGER! For fire-survivors there will be resources and emotional support professionals. For the children there will be a bounce house, face painting, helium balloons, and more!

There are prizes for best dressed each day at 5pm at the DJ stand at Way Baby. Come up with a great costume and win a free meal at your favorite food vendor at the event! Here are the daily costume themes:

August 4th, Totally '80's Thursday

August 5th, Funky Disco Friday

August 6th, Sci-Fi Saturday

On the nights of Friday August 5th and Saturday August 6th dance at the Way Baby!

Check-in at the registration booth on the corner of Pine and Highway 89 starting at 8am. Participants must register. They’ll be provided with colored chalk, sponges, brushes, a rectangular knee pad, water, and/or a broom. We have a limited number of pop-up shade barriers.

Participants can bring their own rags, spray bottles, tools, and reference materials. It is advised to bring plenty of water to stay hydrated. A wide brimmed hat and sunblock will help prevent sunburn. If you have your own shade barrier at home please bring it.


All are welcome! No experience necessary!  Aligned with the event theme to promote emotional and spiritual wellness, as a community, we will create and envision collaboratively a world that works for everyone everywhere!  Bobbie Rae Jones, MA of Drawing On and Disaster Case Manager-Rebuild Liaison for Plumas Rural Services, Inc., and Bobbie Elizabeth Stoy-Linford of Blindford Fine Arts will facilitate the large-scale drawing by providing demonstrations, chalk, brushes, sponges, rectangular knee pads and a limited number of rolling pop-up shade structures. Families are encouraged to participate, and there is no fee for this event.


Amateur and professional artists, art dabblers, and groups are invited to choose a section of sidewalk where they will create an art submission that demonstrates the theme, "A Vision of Prosperity." The piece can be related to prosperity for communities impacted by the Dixie Fire, for the environment, or for prosperity in their own life. It can be dreams, goals, hopes, visions, or something that has recently come to fruition that they are grateful for. Contestants must notify the registration booth when finished and return any unused supplies.

Competitive entries will be judged by a group of three judges based on overall quality, design, and demonstration of the theme. Non-competitive entries will not be judged, but are eligible for the people's choice award.

Winners receive a free meal at their favorite vendor.
Be sure to stop by the registration booth to vote for your favorite pieces of art!
Winners will be announced at the DJ stand at the Way Baby at 5:00pm on Saturday, August 6th.

FOR MORE INFORMATION (530) 282-7000 for vendors and (907) 242-4426 for general information.

SPONSORS: The Dixie Fire Collaborative,Plumas Rural Services, Inc., The Rebuilding Greenville Resource Center, Indian Valley Innovation Hub, Sierra Institute for Community and Environment, Portola United Methodist Church, Plumas Bank, The Spot, Blinford Fine Arts, and HALTER Project, on behalf of the town of Glen Ellen.

Dixie Fire Stories Project

This month be sure to visit the Dixie Fire Stories Project exhibit on display at the Plumas Arts Gallery. The Dixie Fire Stories Project was created to record and share the voices and experiences of the survivors of the Dixie Fire.

Reception on Friday, August 5th from 5 to 7 pm.

Greenville Country Picnic

Soak in the warmth with some good music, good food, and good friends at the monthly Greenville Country Picnic on Sunday, August 14th. Enjoy live music by Big Mo and the Full Moon Band.

At Greenville Park from 3 pm to dark. FREE

For more information contact Dan Kearns at (949) 395-3694 or KD at (530) 566-2561.

J&C Lumber - Open for Business

From Dan at J&C Lumber:

J&C Lumber is very pleased to announce that we have nearly 80,000 board feet of inventory available for purchase. All lumber is rough sawn and air dried.

Retail hours are Monday-Friday 10am-2pm at the mill site behind Gigi's in Crescent Mills.

Please call 530-927-9224 or email for large or custom orders.

Lots of Good Jobs

For anyone looking for a good job with a good wage, there are a lot of great offerings throughout Plumas County. Contact the Alliance for Workforce Development at 530-616-0964 for more information and to apply.

May you all find peace this month and beyond.

Remember to stay hydrated and take it easy in the heat of the summer while enjoying our community events.  And until next time, be kind, be helpful, and celebrate the little victories happening all around us. 🌱